Dating a Scorpio Woman Tips

If you are fed up with boredom in your life, go and date Scorpio women. These are considered to be the most controversial type of women. They are eager to control everything, but hate dating puppets. They are ready to do all they possibly can for you at the very moment, but spending a lifetime with one person is a true catastrophe. You will obviously need a special approach to these ladies if you managed to fall in love with another “disaster”. Muster up the nerve with the help of our tips given below.

Make them fall for you

This is the most difficult step, but it is vital. You will never make her into you without demonstrating the strong character. They are hunters by nature, that is why an active victim is something you want to become. Try to play according to her rules, but always stay in the driver’s seat at the same time. Try to use something better than usually do only surfing for girls for marriage. Make it more physical. Look at her despite the fact she is in another corner of the room. Prepare your dish before serving yourself on the plate right in front of her.

Be reserved and brief

Challenge is what the Scorpios are looking for. It is really true about females. Although you are quite into her, try to say her indirectly. Again, use physical patterns showing your feelings. Never press on them. Don’t let them know you are already in her nets. You are unreachable and interested in her. That’s all. And always keep it short. Nobody likes too talkative people. They seem to be not serious.

Speak your mind

Try to be rather provocative. Start discussions trying to persuade her right in something wrong, in your opinion. Still, be polite. Try to use traditional, “I think you may reconsider this issue” instead of “I’m sure, you’re wrong”. Even the strongest Scorpio can be offended. Don’t be afraid to show your confidence even if you are afraid of her reaction or, what a pity, losing her. State your opinion and stop bending over women. This is the perfect way to conquer a Scorpio woman and build strong relationship with her.

Never compare

Don’t you dare do that! Even if you like her because she resembles your hot classmate, never tell her about it. As it always happens, you are likely to go on comparing other personal traits and deeds that you normally shouldn’t. If she told you the joke somebody had already done, keep your mouth shut. These ladies are extremely confident and jealous. Try to keep silence about such details. Try to create a romantic atmosphere instead.

Get used to the moodiness

Oh, God! If you are not stress-resistant, run, Forrest, run! Even the strongest feelings will evaporate as long as you can’t handle her specific character. Their mood changes drastically in a blink of an eye. Expect her to get super mad and blow off her cork at your socks left on the floor. Then comes the argument 2-hour-long. Then she slams the doors and stays in her room. In 5 minutes she starts kissing you and says how sorry she is. Then you make peace and in the evening the circle of hell repeats again and again.

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